Top Features Unwell Caliburn Australia

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If you want to try a vape pen in australia you can easily purchase it from a reliable manufacturer. It can be purchased at an affordable rate. Many customers in Australia also like to use e-juices and e-cigarettes. They also believe that e-cigarettes are a better choice than traditional cigarettes. The unwell Caliburn Australia is another interesting choice for the users. You will be surprised to know that it is a portable and compact vape device. The Caliburn comes packed with a 520mAh battery. It is durable and shockproof that making it easy for the users. The device can hold 2ml and is easy to dispose of. You can simply draw it inside your mouth and keep pressing it for one second. There is a button at the top and you can press it to enjoy a good smoking experience. The users can expect a juicy flavour coming out of the vape. 

Unwell Caliburn excels in vaping

You will be surprised to know that the unwell Caliburn Australia. It gives you the traditional cigarette vibe even though the harm will be relatively less. The best thing is that it will not make your throat irritated. There are a lot of safety features incorporated in this device. The vapours coming out of this device will not reach your lungs. You can disable this vape pod automatically even if the mechanism fails to work. Caliburn is a perfect choice for beginners and even for those who have not smoked before. It is easy to purchase your kit at an affordable rate. The users will get a good experience as it can easily hold a 2ml capacity of e-juice. If we talk about the weight of this device it is 30 g while the maximum wattage is 11W. 

The specification of Unwell Caliburn excels

The unwell Caliburn excels can easily hold up to a 2ml capacity of e-juice. The smoke will convert into vapours and the capacity of the battery is 520mAh. If we talk about the size it is 110 by 21.2 by 11.6mm. The pod kit is 30 grams while the press button at the top is also easy to use. It also features child safety and you have to click it five times to unlock and lock it easily. The top-filling pod cartridges are quite easy to use. If we talk about the other specification of unwell Caliburn they are very beneficial. It is compact and also a portable choice for many. This kit also features a micro USB. If you don’t understand anything the user manual is also very reliable. The airflow is also adjustable and the edge of the coil is very flat.