How To Attract Customers: Grocery Store Owners’ Edition

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Owning a grocery store does not always mean that business is flowing – with the advent of online shopping and the increasing popularity of the trend of eating out, the necessity that people assign to grocery stores and local suppliers of foods is dwindling. This does not mean that people will stop coming to your store, however; it simply means that you will have to do something more to make your store more appealing to your customers. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Expand Your Services

In addition to simply providing customers with everyday products that they would need, you can make something extra out of providing them with additional services. For instance, buying commercial bakery equipment for your store and hiring someone to offer pastries, home made bread and other foods out of the store will help elevate your store to the next level. Especially when word spreads that you have an option of fresh food being available, people will stop by more often to buy something. You can also set up a cosmetics stall in the section where you sell your makeup products – obviously, this will attract more customers who like makeup and cosmetics, because it involves real time makeovers and such. You can always strike a deal with a company whose products you sell to come and do some promotion on and off for a while. You can also buy a blast freezer for maximum temperature accuracy in storage of cold meats and other goods that have to be set to freeze. Home cooks and chefs will gravitate towards you when they find out what you store cold cuts and the like in the appropriate way – it will be easier for them to buy what they need from you than travel all the way away to a huge shopping centre.


Make sure your store is seen – hire some lights and decorations for the holidays and light the entrance up! Make the inside of your store seem friendly and inviting to customers, ask them to spread the word to their neighbours and friends and of course, be friendly and provide good products and services always. This is what you need to take your store from mediocre to amazing. The buzz that you get has to be earned and generated through your already existing customer base as well. You can also ask your own family and friends to pitch in. Your store is your prized possession, therefore do whatever it takes to keep it up and running and do not let it fall victim to the horrors of underutilization in the future.